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  • Building materials such as concrete, brick, and low-E glass block RF signals

  • National Fire Code for Emergency Responder Radio Coverage is becoming more widely enforced

  • Commercial cellular services are critical to most business's daily operations

  • Notora specializes in design coverage systems to meet these needs (DAS and Small Cell Solutions)


The statistics on data usage and number of cellular calls originated indoors are staggering. Indoor cellular coverage is now a must have for business and Notora is the right partner to make it happen. Our deep relationships with Mobile Network Operators and understanding of their technologies uniquely enable Notora to assess, design, and implement solutions that provide cost-effective, high performing cellular coverage inside any venue.


It is vitally important for First Responders to be able to communicate inside buildings.  Increasingly states, counties, and cities are  requiring that commercial buildings have adequate Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC) inside. Notora has the expertise and experience to assess, design, and implement solutions that satisfy AHJ requirements and ensure Emergency Responders can effectively communication inside any building.


Wireless technologies are evolving at a mind blowing pace. Because of this, clients need a partner they can trust to advise them on how best to solve their wireless challenges today with solutions that consider the future.  Notora stays on the bleeding edge of this evolution by working closely with Mobile Network Operators, Equipment Manufacturers, and standards organizations to be that go-to partner.  From private LTE to 5G NR and 600 MHz to millimeter wave, Notora has you covered.


Notora’s mission is to become the best Radio Frequency Engineering firm on the planet.

And because of our unique approach to the industry and exceptional customer service; we are well on our way. Notora's talented team of engineers specializes in providing wireless coverage in places traditional towers are not adequate.  We work tirelessly to stay on the bleeding edge of technology to help our clients navigate those ever-evolving waters.

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