At Notora, our core values aren't just pithy sayings hung in the lobby. They represent who we hire, how we work together, and what we want to be known for in the industry.

Core Values V3.png

1.  DO WHAT IS RIGHT.  Our relationships are built on honesty and integrity.


2.  DELIVER EXCELLENCE.  If it's not our best work, we keep working until it is.

3.  INNOVATE.  We are always seeking to be first, better, and different.

4.  SEEK TO SERVE.  We humbly, proactively look for ways to be helpful.

5.  EMBRACE CHANGE.  We are constantly learning and growing.

6.  CREATE FUN.  We want to want to come to work.

7.  THINK FAMILY.  No politics, no divisions.  We win together!


Jonathan Lester
VP of Engineering
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Marc Knapp
VP of Business Development
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Josh Todd
VP of Sales
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Sabrina Newson
VP of EME Services
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Christa Watson
Director of Finance
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