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  • Indoor Distributed Antenna Systems

  • AHJ Consulting

  • Grid Testing

  • Design & Propagation Analysis

  • Commissioning & Optimization



  • iDAS & oDAS Systems

  • Small Cell Networks

  • D-RAN & C-RAN Architectures

  • Benchmark Testing

  • Full System Design

  • Commissioning & Optimization

  • RF System Design

  • Technology Consulting

  • Benchmark Testing

  • Commissioning & Optimization



A Public Safety DAS is a wireless communication system used by first responders and emergency services personnel such as police, fire, emergency medical, homeland security, and disaster response agencies to prevent or respond to incidents or situations that pose a threat to people or property.  Because dense building material can block those signals, an indoor coverage solution is often necessary.

  • Many municipalities require property owners to comply with fire code requirements for indoor public safety coverage

  • In some cases, the outdoor network provides adequate coverage inside a building

  • Public safety DAS can be expensive depending on code requirements

  • Each county has adopted its own variation of code requirements for coverage acceptance

  • Notora has helped many building owners navigate the complex waters of assessing, designing, installing, and obtaining acceptance for Public Safety DAS



There is no question that cellular coverage inside a building is almost as important as water and electricity.  Notora's deep relationships with the mobile network operators allows us to help our customers get the solutions they need to keep their tenants, employees, and customers connected.

  • Enhancing a mobile network operator's coverage in their building requires their approval prior to being allowed on-air

  • iBwave is the design tool of choice for most mobile network operators for indoor coverage analyses

  • To provide adequate capacity and reliable indoor coverage, it is important to measure the signal levels coming in from the outdoor network

  • Notora is well versed in both single carrier, as well as, neutral host solutions

  • The cost and appropriateness of different technologies can vary greatly depending on each customers' needs



Private LTE networks provide users with all the advantages of a commercial cellular network and the ability to implement customer specific applications for users of the private network.  Private LTE networks have been used to replace two-way radio systems, and in some cases, WiFi with higher quality, more secure service.

Man Using Smart Tablet
  • Easily supports unlimited IoT networks to manage things like HVAC efficiency, access solutions, manufacturing processes and more

  • Private LTE can support video, text, and voice communications that are completely secure and customizable

  • CBRS is a frequency band, not a technology. This highly valuable spectrum is now available to end users that do not want to be beholden to the mobile network operators or need more custom features than they can provide.

  • The number of devices that are CBRS / Private LTE compatible is increasing every day



WiFi Use-Cases cover the full business spectrum. Companies of all sizes are looking for new ways to leverage improved WiFi technology to make their operations more efficient, to increase the satisfaction of their customers and to speed the delivery of products and services. Businesses are seeking every available competitive advantage in today's fast-moving marketplace. Providing guest networks, social media integration, customer analytics, location-based services, and WiFi threat detection. These are the keys to engaging users, and retaining customers.

Digital Network Cables
  • Enterprise class WiFi features providing the reliability, accessibility, security, ease of use and scalability needed to support every WiFi workflow for businesses of all sizes

  • Notora offers customized, turn-key solutions for our clients, offering both self-administration and a fully managed offering levering the resources of our parent company, Centerline Communications

  • A single, convenient point of contact for all service tickets  as part of a solution managed by Centerline’s National Operations Center (NOC), with rapid response times and high-performance execution of remote-support or dispatched services

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