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Using sophisticated tools and software, Notora engineers measure and map current signal levels within a venue. For commercial cellular applications, this is a necessary step to determine the thresholds a new systems should be designed to, as well as, understanding coverage holes.

For public safety, your building may have adequate coverage from the outside tower network. In this case, Notora can scientifically measure and document this compliance.



Continuous Wave "CW" Testing is used to conduct real world simulations of a coverage system to inform the design process. The most common use is to confirm theoretical coverage areas and analyze potential interference. The photo shown here is the measured RF signal levels that can be expected from a small cell mounted on a utility pole. From small cells to stadium DAS, Notora can simulate coverage and analyze potential interference during the design phase to ensure your implementation phase goes smoothly.

BDS 3D.png


Notora is most known for our design capabilities. From stadiums to hospitals, prisons to hotels, and everything in between, we've designed a coverage system for it.  Our engineers are certified with all of the major equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and design tools (iBwave, Ranplan, AToll, etc.) 

Commissioning Picture.png


Wireless operators have very rigid standards that every DAS must pass before the system is allowed to be brought on-air. Public Safety AHJ's also have increasingly high standards for system acceptance.

Notora engineers have in-depth knowledge of these standards and have successfully performed these tests on numerous DAS installations. Our team possesses every certification the major DAS and Small Cell equipment manufacturers offer.



From helping you decide on the right technologies for your wireless needs to negotiating with Public Safety AHJ's on your behalf, Notora can help your project start and finish strong.

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