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Notora specializes in providing wireless coverage in places where traditional towers can't.  From 5G coverage in airports, WiFi in apartment complexes, or public safety in hotels and highrises, Notora Engineers are the best in the industry at creating cost-effective solutions for your most complex wireless network needs.


Stadiums present unique challenges in terms of Radio Frequency design. Managing interference, overcoming outdoor signals, and providing the capacity needed to deliver exceptional data throughput are just a few of the considerations that go into a successful stadium system. Notora is the go-to engineering firm for designing and optimizing stadium Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). Several of the best performing stadiums in the country are Notora systems.


Whether your building needs commercial cellular, public safety, or both, Notora has the experience and expertise to guide building owners through the complex maze of funding models, wireless carrier requirements, AHJ standards, and future technology considerations. We have guided many customers all the way from requirements gathering to system acceptance.


Healthcare facilities are becoming increasingly reliant on wireless communications in day to day operations. And because of the dense construction of these buildings, DAS and Small Cell systems are often needed to provide uninterrupted cellular and public safety services. Notora has designed many hospital systems and know the intricate details necessary for a successful deployment.


College and corporate campuses present unique challenges to a wireless design. Combinations of indoor and outdoor solutions are needed to provide ubiquitous coverage campus-wide. From handling game day capacity concerns to ensuring students can make 911 calls in every building, Notora is uniquely qualified to help you navigate these complex projects.

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